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Microgram, the DEA’s Deleted Newsletter & Journal

During the summer, the Drug Enforcement Administration pulled down all issues of its newsletter for drug warriors, plus six years of its chemistry journal. They’re reposted here, as convenient collections.

CIA Has Removed 7 Files From CREST

Short version: CIA recently posted and quickly pulled down seven documents in its online archive CREST. They don’t appear to be anywhere else online. Further down you’ll find info on each of these missing...

Disappeared: CIA study on supporting disaster relief

PDF: “Intelligence Support to Humanitarian-Disaster Relief Operations“ The CIA’s Center for the Study of Intelligence is devoted to the scholarly, historical study of intelligence. For over a decade, its “Books and Monographs” page listed its report...

Deleted Intelligence Policy Documents

On April 25, 2017, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence unveiled a total resign of its website. Like many agencies, it took this opportunity to delete some documents. Eight of those documents have to...

37 Deleted FBI Files

Over the years, the FBI has quietly deleted around three dozen files on its website. I’ve gathered them here.

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