Does CPU Affect FPS – The Gamer’s Experience

Does CPU Affect FPS

There are many myths regarding does CPU affect FPS. Yes, there is a possibility of affecting FPS by the performance of the CPU. Also, it can be challenging to go through them all to arrive at the best gaming PC for your needs. If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the correct spot. FPS … Read more

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How To Tell If CPU Is Dead? Know All The Signs and Reasons

Imagine you are going through an important task just when your computer freezes or shuts down completely. What’s worse, it won’t even start again! How would you feel? Annoyed? Disturbed? You can encounter this situation easily if the CPU fails to operate and dies for any reason. There can be a lot of reasons for … Read more

How to Remove CPU Cooler – 5 Steps to Do Without Damaging any Other Components

Remove CPU Cooler

Every computer consists of a cooling fan, which helps the processor’s tremendous heat to cool down and operate flawlessly. And often, removing the cooling fan is essential to either clean or check the cooler.  In this case, how to remove the CPU cooler? After turning off the computer, firstly, you have to uncover the cooler. … Read more

How Hot is Too Hot For CPU? What’s The Ideal Temperature? – Processor Temperature Guide

CPU Processor Temperature Guide

How hot is too hot for the CPU? Generally, any temperature above 27 degrees Celsius is dangerous for your CPU. But your computer will surely break down if the heat reaches 75 degrees Celsius by any chance. It might happen often that your CPU got so hot, your computer couldn’t take it and shut down … Read more

9 Best CPU for GTX 1080 & 1080 Ti in 2023 – Well Analyzed Options For You

CPUs The GTX 1080

We understand your need for a good CPU, especially for GTX 1080 build. To figure everything out for you, we got Intel Core i9-9900KF Desktop Processor 8 Cores, the best CPU for GTX 1080. Building an awesome PC won’t happen with some regular CPU. Who doesn’t want a beast-like pc that includes a good CPU for … Read more