Photos: Border Patrol Raid of Medical Aid Station in the Desert

PDF: First release: 23 photos [26 megs]

No More Deaths is a humanitarian organization based in Tucson, Arizona, that’s most well-known for going deep into the desert to leave water and other supplies for migrants who are attempting to cross into the US. (This resulted in nine volunteers being arrested and charged with federal misdemeanors in 2017. The charges were eventually dropped against four of them, while another four were found guilty. The ninth member, Scott Warren, awaits trial on these and other charges. Read more.)

No More Deaths also runs a medical aid camp in the Arizona desert eleven miles north of the border. On June 15, 2017, Border Patrol swooped in with thirty armed agents in military gear to take into custody four migrants, who were receiving medical care. (No members of the organization were arrested.) No More Deaths wrote about the raid here.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I requested all of Border Patrol’s photos and videos of the raid. I’ve received the first release: 23 photos. They were sent as a PDF, which I’ve posted above. Below are six of the photos. The FOIA Division wrote that “additional releases responsive to this request are forthcoming.”






With one exception, the 23 photos don’t convey the scale of this military-style operation, so I’m also including a video of the raid taken by a member of No More Deaths. To repeat, this is not Border Patrol’s video, which has yet to be released via FOIA (when it is, I’ll post it to this page.)

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