Benefits of Email Testing Tools How to Boost Your Deliverability and Engagement

Benefits of Email Testing Tools: How to Boost Your Deliverability and Engagement

E-mail is one of the fundamental Internet technologies, a tool used by almost every person who has access to the Internet. It allows you to send a letter of unlimited length to one person – or more at once – at no cost. It arrives almost instantly and recipients can respond immediately.

It is based on the principles of ordinary, non-electronic mail, and unlike ordinary mail, the advantages of electronic mail are speed, ease of transmission, and price. It very often happens that something goes wrong and you simply notice a delay in the delivery of emails or some similar problem.

Software development is an expensive and time-consuming process. Any software must be tested to make sure it will work in a real environment. The software is expected to meet the software quality characteristics, ie. to be functional, reliable, efficient, portable, and suitable for maintenance.

The quality of the software depends on the simplicity and comprehensibility of the source code of the program, and testing is very important to deliver a quality product to the end user. Software testing must be effective in finding defects, but it should be performed as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Software testing can be divided into manual, i.e. manual testing and automated testing. If done well, automated testing can significantly reduce the effort required and increase testing efficiency. Automated tests can be run in minutes, which would take much longer for manual testing. Success in any test automation depends on finding the right testing tool.

This is a very difficult task considering that there are many free and commercial test automation tools available in the market today. Today, it is very easy to test an email using Stripo. email and other tools that will help you see the appearance of the final email before you forward it to a specific address.

Why is this necessary? Very often the recipient does not receive the mail in the same format as you sent it, or there may be deviations in the appearance and even the content of the email itself. Since a lot of work is done in this way, it is very important to show professionalism and do this check before sending.

Of course, there are always a few more things that can help you boost your deliverability and engagement. The first and easiest way to check if your address is usable is to send yourself an email from the same address. However, note that the effectiveness of this method is limited.

Email services and servers can bypass much of the email delivery process for messages to recipients on the same server. In addition, you can sign up for a free email to check if you have a regular email flow.

Testing is the process of determining the satisfaction of given requirements and discovering software defects. Testing checks whether the software is good enough for delivery, whether there are any defects or errors in the software, and whether all user criteria are met.

Also, testing increases product quality. Finding errors in the system before the product is delivered to the user, ensures user satisfaction as they receive error-free software.

The advantages of e-mail testing are numerous. If you’re still not sure if you need it, keep reading and discover all the benefits of testing.

Manual and Automatic Testing

Manual and Automatic Testing (2)

Testing can be done manually or automatically. The biggest advantages of test automation are efficiency, running existing (regression) tests on a new version of the program, the ability to run more tests in less time, which enables them to be run more often, the ability to perform tests that would be difficult or impossible to do manually, better use of human resources and consistency and repeatability of the test.

When it comes to enhancing your email marketing strategy, understanding the surprising truths about email campaigns can be a valuable foundation for making informed decisions, as discussed in the related article.


This is a word that many equate with Delivery. However, we are here to show you that there is a big difference in the meaning of these two words. Delivery means the process of successful sending from the sender’s server to the receiver’s server.

On the other hand, deliverability has an expanded meaning because it includes the “location” where the email will be landed (inbox, spam).

Discovering ways to supercharge your email productivity, such as saving emails as attachments in Outlook, can be complemented by utilizing email testing tools to enhance deliverability and engagement, as discussed in the related article.

Email Layout

Email Layout (1)

We have already mentioned that in this way you will be able to check how the email will look on a specific device and when it reaches the recipient. This is very important especially if you are an email marketer or seller or if you are looking for a way to expand your business campaign and domains.

From this, we can conclude that deliverability is of great importance because it increases reach and engagement by bypassing spam posts and being delivered directly to the inbox. In addition, the other party will appreciate the professionalism and you will build a reliable relationship with the subscribers, and so on.

The need for a new digital identity in the form of a web solution can represent a good opportunity to display the entire agile development process of software support. During the development of any kind of digital product, it should be focused on the end user, that is, on the user experience.

User experience is important because it tries to fulfill the user’s needs, and it must also create a positive experience that creates user loyalty to a particular product or service. Along with the development of the software solution, testing is an integral part of it.

With the increasingly rapid development of technology, improvements in all aspects of product development using software solutions are also visible. Today, digital identity has become more important than ever, where it no longer matters if it represents a single person, a group of people, a specific brand, or something else.

For this reason, it is extremely important that this identity sends a clear message, and that it keeps pace with the increasingly rapid development of technology and user requirements.

When technology, in combination with the human factor, has made an effort to make it easier for us to use modern technology, but also to improve it, it would be a shame not to take advantage of those benefits.

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