What Is Mipmap in Minecraft – Visual Quality in Video Gaming

Mipmap In Minecraft

Are you wondering how to improve the visuals and animation quality in your Minecraft video settings? No worries, mipmap is the exact thing that you will need here. So, what is mipmap in Minecraft? Minecraft mipmap improves the visual quality by making the main texture from distant textures. As a result, you will get a … Read more

Gaming Monitor vs Regular Monitor – Best Pick for Your Preference!

Regular Monitor Vs Gaming Monitor

Choosing a monitor is tough when your main focus is not just gaming. Many questions may roam around in your head, and you might seek answers here and there. Of course, there are differences between a gaming monitor and a regular monitor. So which one should you choose and for which purpose? What’s the main … Read more

Does Monitor Affect FPS? – Relationship Between a Monitor and FPS

fps monitor

Many people are under the misconception that monitoring does not have any impact on FPS. But like I said, it’s a misconception. So, the answer to ‘does monitor affect FPS or not’ is, yes, it does. Upgrading your pc alone will not improve your gaming experience if you do not upgrade your monitor. This post … Read more

What Everyone Ought To Know About What Is ASCR On A Monitor?

asus ascr monitor

ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) is an excellent innovation by ASUS. Plenty of advanced features are installed in these devices, providing a contrast ratio of up to 100,000,000:1. But what is ASCR on a monitor? ASCR is a technology that automatically adjusts the monitor’s brightness and contrast. This allows images to be displayed with greater … Read more

7 Steps To Fix Your ONN Wireless Mouse Not Working! – What to do when your Wireless Mouse Freezes

onn wireless mouse

Wireless mice are excellent for gamers, professionals, and other users. If you’ve ever used a wireless mouse, you know the last thing you want is for it to stop working. So, what do you do if your ONN wireless mouse not working? There are 7 steps to take if your ONN mouse does not work … Read more

Why Are Snapchat Bots Adding Me Randomly? How Can I Fix It? Solutions for Snapchat Bots

Snapchat Bots Adding Me Randomly

Have you been noticing an uptick in Snapchat bots adding you? If so, you’re not alone. Every other day, I get a request from some random bot asking me to follow them back. But are there any solutions for Snapchat bots adding me randomly? Well, there are several proven methods to get rid of this … Read more

How To Disable G-Sync? All Your Questions Are Answered Here

How To Disable G-Sync

If you are a pc gamer, you often get suggestions to turn off your g-sync. It may seem to you that g-sync is some sort of virus or malware that can harm your pc or gameplay. But actually, g-sync is an advanced adaptive synchronizing technology that improves your network latency and screen experience. Then why … Read more

Minecraft Axe VS Sword – Aim For Winning! 

Minecraft Axe VS Sword - Gaming Comparisons

Are you ready for combat? No, it’s not the road war; it’s some exciting adrenaline rush you get only on Minecraft. But if you want to seize the attacks, the combat needs proper equipment. So, axe or sword? Comparing Minecraft axe vs. sword, the differences are apparent where each of these is better than the … Read more

How To Clean Thermal Paste off CPU – Required Ingredients and Cleaning Process

Are you familiar with thermal paste? Thermal paste is a chemical mixture that is usually used to be an interface between the heat elements in a device. Thermal paste is known by different names, such as thermal gel, heat paste, thermal interface material, thermal compound, and so on. And most importantly, your pc contains thermal … Read more

All Real Facts of “Sprint LTE Not Working” – Solutions To Help Get You Back Online

Sprint LTE Not Working

Many Sprint customers are reporting issues with their LTE network. If you’re experiencing problems like your Sprint LTE not working, you’re not alone. So what’s causing the problem, and what can you do about it? If your Sprint LTE device is not working, then try these steps: First, check to see if LTE is turned … Read more

Why One AirPod Dies Faster? – Explained & Solved Everything

AirPods Troubleshooting - One AirPod Dies Faster

Using wireless AirPods necessitates constant monitoring of their remaining battery life. AirPods batteries will eventually run out, and you can end yourself wondering, “why does One AirPod die faster?” When one of the AirPods batteries dies quicker than the other, it might be because the user is more often utilizing it. If one of your … Read more