DDR3 1333 VS. 1600 RAM: Which Will Be Your Best Bet To Grow? – Benefits And Drawbacks

DDR3 1333 and DDR3 1600 are two types of DDR3 memory. They are both popular among computer users regarding their bandwidth, clock speed, CAS latency, and many more. But one common question is, “are they similar or different from each other”? The main difference between DDR3 1333 VS. 1600 is that DDR3 1600 RAM is … Read more

Is AppleCare Worth It? Pros and Cons of Apple’s Service Plan

Is AppleCare Worth It

AppleCare is a service plan offered by Apple that provides customers with technical support and repair coverage for their Apple products. So, is it worth it? AppleCare provides extended coverage for things like accidental damage and technical support. While is not cheap, it can save you much money in the long run if you have … Read more

5 Methods On How To Send Videos Without Losing Quality in 2023

Methods on How to Send Videos without Losing Quality

Any video, whether a recorded family event or the latest blockbuster movie, can be shared with anyone you want without sacrificing quality. But how to send videos without losing quality? There are several ways to send videos while keeping the original quality. Some of them are: By Cloud Sharing Applications By File Transfer Site Send … Read more

9 Distinct Differences Between Carbon Copy Cloner VS Time Machine – Control Your Space

carbon copy cloner vs time machine

Carbon Copy Cloner and Time Machine are two backup utilities for the Mac. They both have their own unique features, but they also share some differences. But how exactly do they differ? There are several key differences between Carbon Copy Cloner VS. Time Machine. First, Carbon Copy Cloner can clone your entire hard drive, while … Read more

How Can You Use HDMI To DisplayPort Adapter For 144hz? – Achieve High Refresh Rates


Can you use an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter for 144hz? This is a question that many gamers are asking, and the answer is not always clear to all. But, you can use an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter to connect your144hz monitor to your computer. Simply connect the HDMI cable from your computer to the adapter, … Read more

Try 15 Proven Ways To Fix The Ethernet Has No Network Access!

Ethernet Has No Network Access

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get work done on your computer and not being able to because the Ethernet no network access. If this is happening to you, then how to fix it? There are some proven ways to fix the issue. Most commons are: Check Your IP Address Settings Renew Your IP … Read more

Spilled Water On Laptop Still Works | How To Save Your Laptop

Spilled Water on a Laptop

It is easy to accidentally spill a cup of water, wine, tea, coffee, sugary drinks, or any liquid substance over a working laptop. Most times, we panic and lose control of the situation. Spilled water on the laptop still works? Here are a few things that you can do to minimize the damage: Unplug the … Read more

DJT Virtual Display Agent: Unveiling the Hidden Features of MacOS Catalina Insights 


When I upgraded my MacOS to Catalina and attempted to set up multiple monitors, the prompt to accept permissions appeared. It made me wander around, as back then, I didn’t know what that was about and how to deal with it, but I figured that out! So, you get newer sprinklings of security enhancements and … Read more

6 Effective Ways To Fix “Conexant Audio Device Could Not Be Found” Issue! 

conexant audio device not working

One of my friends recently faced an issue with his Conexant audio. He was getting a “Conexant audio device could not be found” message after starting the PC. When I got there to fix it, I had to try three different ways. Then I noticed many people face the same issue, especially those who recently … Read more

You Are 3 Steps Behind Fixing The AOC Monitor No Signal Issue 

AOC Monitor No Signal Issue

Is your AOC monitor not working? Are you getting a no-signal error message? Is it only showing a black screen? No worries! This issue is solvable. AOC monitor is popular for its gaming experience. Also, many use this monitor as an external monitor. However, getting no signal from the monitor is irritating. In my office, … Read more