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NSA, State Dept, Labor Dept, IRS, others added to Records Destruction Requests

• Don McGahn, Raj Shah, Zina Bash, other White House staff added to Unposted Financial Disclosures

• Detailed catalog of documents added to Dept of the Interior: Records Destruction Request

• Rick Perry (Energy Dept) and Elaine Chao (Transportation Dept) added to Detailed Schedules for Heads of Agencies

• Department of the Interior, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Forest Service, National Institutes of Health, ICE, others added to Records Destruction Requests

• Bureau of Prisons added to Presidential Transition Briefings


{Exclusive} What’s on the FBI’s internal version of Netflix? For the first time, here’s the menu for FBI TV, the streaming video service available as part of the Bureau’s intranet site (BUNET).

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