Atomwaffen Murders: Law Enforcement Documents

PDF: Atomwaffen Murders: Law Enforcement Documents

It can be hard to keep track of all the atrocities happening these days, so I may need to jog your memory about a double-homicide in May 2017 involving the small neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen.

Four members of the group lived together in an apartment in Tampa. One of them, Devon Arthurs, shot two of the others to death. He then held some people hostage at a nearby smoke shop as the fourth roommate returned home to find the murder scene. Arthurs says that he had recently converted to Islam and that he killed his roomies because either 1) they were mocking his new religion (his first story) or 2) he wanted to prevent them from carrying out a terrorist attack with the guns, ammo, and explosives they had procured.

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In November, due to multiple open-records requests and a court order, the Florida State Attorney released 390 pages of law-enforcement documents about the killings. Local news outlets wrote about the documents but didn’t post them, so I filed my own request. The documents are above. They include affidavits, autopsies, inventories of seized items, the initial police report, and more.

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