Amazon Renewed Vs. Refurbished

Amazon Renewed Vs. Refurbished: Know Before You Buy 

The term refurbished is pretty common, but I came across Amazon and saw they have a renewed section. I was curious to see more, as I was unaware that Amazon sells refurbished or renewed items.

There are a few differences between Amazon’s Renewed and refurbished products. But the differences are very slight; the terms are almost identical.

Refurbished items are the old, returned, or used products that the manufacturer restores to look like the new ones. And Amazon Renewed items are almost the same but have many categories. You can get pre-owned, open-box, and refurbished items in this category.

Before we start, let’s look into these terms so that you can understand the differences better!

What Refers To Refurbished?

Any refurbished item means old, returned, or used goods that the manufacturer restores. They change the item and make it look like a new one by making changes in the problematic areas. The refurbished goods are taken care of by handling all the flaws and defects; therefore, they are sold at a lower price.

Refurbished goods are made from products with slight issues like damaged hardware, a bad motherboard, wiring issues, or even any physical defects. So, as the manufacturers cannot sell them as brand-new products, they take care of the damage and sell them at a lower cost.

What Refers To Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed

As you already know about what refurbished means, Amazon Renewed is almost the same, but they have more categories in this section. This means you will get refurbished, pre-owned, and open-box items from this Amazon Renewed Seller section.

Amazon puts expert investigations to check the quality and usability of the renewed items. All these items look like new products and cost way less than the new ones.

Amazon Renewed Vs. Refurbished: The Differences

So, as mentioned before, I found no significant changes in these terms. However, whereas the refurbished term is widely known, Amazon makes a variety by using the renewed terms. And their renewed section doesn’t only contain refurbished items but also good condition pre-owned and open-box items in this section.

One good side of Amazon Renewed than the usual refurbished items is that these products come with Amazon Renewed Guarantee. As a result, if you find any issues with the renewed item, you can use the return policy.

Another difference is that refurbished items can be problematic if they are not dealt with properly. Sometimes, they are not fixed, like if you use a refurbished product used for store display, you cannot expect the best newly bought experience.

But when it comes to Amazon’s renewed items, as they have the pre-owned category, those products come in way more healthy condition than refurbished ones. So you will face fewer issues with the products and are in better condition.

In the renewed category, the old products are checked and replaced as needed to make them like brand-new ones. On the other hand, refurbished items may or may not come with repairs; it depends on the manufacturers.

Pros Of Amazon Renewed:

  • The renewed product comes at a lower cost
  • There are Amazon Renewed product certified sellers, and their products come in good condition
  • You will get a guarantee or warranty on the renewed product
  • All the products from the Amazon Renewed program are professionally examined and tested
  • They go through many quality criteria from Amazon to be listed in the category

Cons Of Amazon Renewed:

  • The product categories and availability are not that wide-ranged
  • Also, the packaging may not be top-notch
  • The device may have an old outlook depending on the refurbishing or renewal category

Items That You Can Buy From Amazon Renewed

  • Smartwatches
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Refurbished Laptop
  • Refurbished Electronics
  • Gaming Systems And Supplies
  • Phones
  • Renewed iPhone
  • Tools
  • Cameras
  • Home Entertainment Items
  • Lawn And Garden Equipment
  • Headphones
  • Refurbished Smartphones
  • Home And Kitchen Appliances

Why Is Amazon Renewed Different?

Why Is Amazon Renewed Different

The best thing about Amazon Renewed over regular refurbished manufacturers is that they are super reliable. You won’t have to worry about finding any dents, scratches, or other outlook issues as they check the products thoroughly before they include them in the category.

Also, it is different because they do not stick to the typical refurbishing concept. They made it multi-directional, whereas there are more distinct categories like open-box and pre-owned. Their open-box items include products just opened from the packaging and never used. But the pre-owned products contain previously used items but are still in good condition.

Amazon Renewed has a certified refurbished product list from sellers in the Amazon Renewed program. But they also sell products like Echo, Kindle, Fire, and other Amazon-branded products.

Another thing that impressed me about Amazon Renewed is that their quality policy includes the idea that the renewed items can only include original manufacturer components like batteries, screens, and speakers. So whatever you buy, you will get high-quality products consistently!

An essential piece of information is that their renewed term only refers to technology and electronics products. These products come with variable discounts, a 90-day warranty, and an Amazon Renewed guarantee.

Also, any of these refurbished products will come in a white box. The electronics come with extra components like adapters, chargers, and cables in the box.

My Experience With Amazon Renewed:

I ordered a renewed device, the Apple iPhone SE, from an Amazon Renewed seller. It was my first refurbished purchase from Amazon, and the phone came in good condition. No one could tell it wasn’t a new device until they checked inside.

Later, two of my friends bought an iPhone XR and a laptop; both were perfect in quality. And I found out that the main reason why Amazon Renewed is different from the other refurbished shops is that they have high standards and guidelines that the sellers need to meet before they can sell the refurbished items.

Why Should You Join The Amazon Renewed Program?

Amazon Renewed is one of the best-refurbished products selling marketplace you will find. They are very beneficial for shoppers, and they are well-reputed. Here are a few reasons why this will be good for you:

  • They have a variety of product categories where you can add your product.
  • Also, they go through a detailed screening process, so once you have been listed, people will know that you have quality products.
  • Moreover, you can sell anything you want as long as that product is good in quality and passes their quality check.
  • Amazon is a popular marketplace, so you can gain people’s trust and sell your products within the least time.

How To Join The Amazon Renewed Program?

To join as an Amazon Renewed seller in the Amazon refurbished products selling program, you must first follow a few criteria. For instance, a specialized manufacturer or refurbisher must thoroughly inspect your products. You have to make them look new.

Here are the steps to join as an Amazon Renewed seller:

Step-1: Sign Up

First, you have to sign up as a seller on Amazon. To sign up, log in to, and apply for a seller account. Then you have to fill in the necessary information like personal information, including tax and bank account information.

Step-2: Check The Qualifications

Joining the renewed program as a seller requires you to give them proof of at least $50,000 in qualified refurbished purchases within the previous 90 days. Then you have to agree to support your products following the Amazon Renewed Guarantee rules and quality policy.

Step-3: Sell And Thrive

Once your application is approved, you can sell the products without hassle. But for every product, you must submit a minimum of 8 images and packaging details. Also, you must keep the screen on if you sell a gadget.

Does Refurbished Mean Use? Not Always!

Does Refurbished Mean Use

Some people think that refurbished items are used products and are not good. But that’s not the case. So here are a few differences in your knowledge about used vs. refurbished:

Feature Used Refurbished
What It Means Used Items Are Previously Used By Other Owners. Refurbished Items Are Made New By Making Specific Changes In The Products. They Are Not Always Used.
Condition They Might Have Scratches Or Wear And Tear. Refurbished Items Are Redecorated And Made To Look Like New Ones.
Repair Details Used Items Are Not Repaired Or Checked. These Are Repaired Ad Thoroughly Checked; The Manufacturer Takes Care Of Any Kind Of Damage.
Warranty/Guarantee Used Products Do Not Come With A Warranty. Refurbished Items Come With A Guarantee And Warranty, Depending On The Seller.

Alternatives Of Amazon Renewed:

So, despite the benefits of Amazon Renewed, if you care to know about the alternatives, here are a few:


Apple offers the best refurbishment policies if you want to buy Apple products at a low cost. The Apple-certified refurbished products are thoroughly checked and given to their refurbished department. They offer a year warranty and a considerable discount over regular Apple store items.


When you want to buy Xbox consoles for a low price, Microsoft is the best place to go for refurbished ones. They offer a 90 days warranty; even if you find any defects, you can return the Xbox.


eBay has one of the best-refurbished options available for you. They offer a wide variety of products and a 30 days warranty for each product you purchase.

Other popular stores include the Back Market, Newegg, and Music Magpie, where you can find many options at a lower cost and good quality.

Elaboration To More Knowledge

Renewed Or Refurbished

Is It Better To Get Renewed Or Refurbished?

Renewed and refurbished are almost the same things. But if you want to choose, certified refurbished or renewed ones are the best idea. In Amazon, the renewed section has a multi-directional meaning. So whatever you buy, will go through the same quality check.

What Does Amazon Renewed Offer?

You will get some unique things from Amazon Renewed than from refurbished stores. These are:

  • The renewed items will be thoroughly checked
  • You will get a good warranty
  • The items are certified to pass their quality concerns

How Many Gradings Are There For Refurbished And Renewed Mobile Parts?

There are four labels for refurbished and renewed mobile parts. There are A-D graded mobile parts. Therefore grade A is considered a new one, and the D graded ones are of the lowest quality.

Are Amazon Renewed Iphones Unlocked?

Some are unlocked, and some of them are network-restricted. You must check the description to know about the product and whether it is fully unlocked.

Does Refurb Come With All The Stuff?

Yes, you will get the necessary items like a charger, adapter, and other items in a box. But sometimes, you might not find the earbuds as most people do not sell that while selling a refurbished product.

Low Cost And Quality Product- Sounds Like A Good Deal?

Of course, it does! So as these two don’t contain much difference, you can get your desired item in good quality. I have shopped many items from the Amazon Renewed section, so I can say that you will indeed have a good experience.

What To Consider When Purchasing A Renewed Or Refurbished Device

Purchasing a renewed or refurbished device can be an excellent way to save money while still getting a functional and reliable product. However, there are a few things to consider before making your purchase to ensure that you’re getting a good deal and a quality product.

  1. The Seller’s Reputation: When purchasing a renewed or refurbished device, it’s essential to consider the seller’s reputation. Do your research to ensure that the seller is trustworthy and has a good reputation for providing quality products and customer service.
  2. The Condition of the Device: Make sure to read the product description carefully and pay attention to the device’s condition. Is it listed as “like new,” “refurbished,” or “used”? The condition of the device will affect its price and overall value.
  3. Warranty and Return Policy: It’s important to know if the seller offers a warranty or return policy on the device. A warranty can provide peace of mind and protect you in case the device malfunctions or has defects. A return policy can allow you to return the device if it’s not as described or doesn’t meet your expectations.
  4. Compatibility: Make sure the renewed or refurbished device is compatible with the software and hardware you plan to use it with. For example, if you’re purchasing a renewed smartphone, make sure it’s compatible with your carrier’s network.
  5. Price Comparison: Do some research and compare prices for the renewed or refurbished device you’re interested in purchasing. Compare the price with the cost of a new device to ensure that you’re getting a good deal.
  6. Accessories and Original Packaging: Check if the renewed or refurbished device comes with any accessories, such as chargers or cables, and if it comes in the original packaging. These factors can affect the device’s value and its usefulness to you.


Are Amazon Renewed products reliable

Are Amazon Renewed products reliable?

Yes, Amazon Renewed products are reliable. The items go through a thorough screening process to ensure that they meet Amazon’s quality criteria. Additionally, Amazon Renewed products come with a 90-day warranty and an Amazon Renewed guarantee, so you can trust the product’s quality and usability.

Are refurbished items on Amazon worth buying?

Yes, refurbished items on Amazon are worth buying if you want to save money while still getting a high-quality product. However, it is important to research the seller and product before making a purchase to ensure that you are getting a reliable product.

Can I return Amazon Renewed products?

Yes, you can return Amazon Renewed products. Amazon has a return policy for renewed products, and you can return the product within 90 days of receiving it.

The product must be returned in its original condition, including all accessories and packaging. If the product is not returned in its original condition, you may not receive a full refund.

Amazon also offers a warranty on renewed products, which varies by product category. Be sure to check the warranty details for the specific product you are considering before making your purchase.

What products can I buy from Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed offers a wide variety of products, including electronics such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, headphones, and gaming consoles.

They also offer home appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwashers, as well as tools and automotive parts.

The selection of products may vary depending on availability, and all products undergo a thorough inspection and testing process before being sold as renewed.

Are Amazon Renewed iPhones unlocked?

Some Amazon Renewed iPhones are unlocked, while others may be network-restricted. It is important to check the product description to ensure that the iPhone is fully unlocked if that is what you are looking for.

Can I sell refurbished products on Amazon?

Yes, you can sell refurbished products on Amazon as long as they meet Amazon’s quality standards and policies. However, to become an Amazon Renewed seller, you must meet certain criteria and provide proof of at least $50,000 in qualified refurbished purchases within the previous 90 days.

Are refurbished products the same as used products?

No, refurbished products are not the same as used products. Refurbished items are restored and made to look like new ones, while used items have wear and tear and may not have been repaired or checked by the manufacturer.

What is the grading system for refurbished and renewed mobile parts?

The grading system for refurbished and renewed mobile parts can vary depending on the manufacturer or reseller. However, in general, most grading systems have the following levels:

  1. Grade A: Parts are considered to be in excellent condition and show no signs of wear or damage.
  2. Grade B: Parts are considered to be in good condition with minimal signs of wear or damage.
  3. Grade C: Parts are considered to be in fair condition with some signs of wear or damage, but still functional.
  4. Grade D: Parts are considered to be in poor condition with significant signs of wear or damage, but still functional.

Can I get a warranty on refurbished or renewed products?

Yes, most refurbished and renewed products come with a warranty. Amazon Renewed products come with a 90-day warranty, and some refurbished products may come with a warranty from the seller. It is important to check the product description to see if a warranty is included.


In conclusion, while the terms “Amazon Renewed” and “refurbished” may seem interchangeable, there are subtle differences between the two. Amazon Renewed offers a wider variety of categories, including pre-owned and open-box items, while refurbished items typically refer to products that have been restored to like-new condition by the manufacturer.

If you’re considering buying a renewed or refurbished item, it’s important to do your research and compare prices and quality guarantees. Amazon Renewed offers the added benefit of a guarantee and warranty, as well as professional testing and screening.

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