National Reconnaissance Office: Use of Social Media

National Reconnaissance Office social media documents [PDF \ 62 megs]


What are the policies for using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media and messaging apps at America’s spy-satellite agency, the National Reconnaissance Office? I filed a Freedom of Information Act request to find out, and the PDF above is the conglomeration of documents I received, scanned in the order they were presented.

They range from serious warnings about info security to amusing things like the contest to create the NRO’s first tweet. As an unexpected bonus, the NRO included its OPSEC (operational security) plan among the documents. This is in the PDF above, but, considering the NRO’s penchant for secrecy, it’s important enough that I’ve pulled it out as a separate file here:

National Reconnaissance Office, Enterprise Operations Security (OPSEC) Plan [PDF \ 12.5 megs]


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Bonus within the bonus: The OPSEC plan’s section on staying undercover mentions the intelligence community’s .ic domain, about which little is known:

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