Newly Released Photos of Nazi Spies and Enclaves in Chile During WWII

On June 22, 2017, the government of Chile released 1,500+ pages of documents about the Nazi enclaves in the country during World War II. In the remote southern regions of Chile and Argentina (in other words, the southern tip of South America), Nazis had set up shop to engage in paramilitary training, intercept Allied radio communications, and plan acts of sabotage, including blowing up the Panama Canal.

Chile discovered these enclaves at the beginning of the 1940s, and the Policía de Investigaciones de Chile (roughly equivalent to the FBI in the US) soon created the International Confidential Section – known as Department 50 – to handle the situation. The FBI’s Special Intelligence Service worked with D50 on this effort.

The main page for the document release is on Chile’s National Archive website here. The PDF of the photo album is on this page. (I’ve uploaded a copy here.) The album contains 247 photos, and I’ve posted 42 of them on this page.

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Nazi Enclaves

(These photos were taken by the Nazis, sometimes published in their magazines, and seized by Department 50.)


Nazi Spies and Saboteurs

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