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[exclusive] FBI Electronic Information Sharing Guide

Social Media and Other Electronic Information Sharing Technologies Policy Directive and Policy Guide [PDF / 52 pages] Released via my FOIA request, this internal publication lays out FBI policy on the use of “electronic information...

[exclusive] FBI Media Relations Guide

Released via my FOIA request, this is the FBI’s guide to dealing with the media. Its focus is the news media, although it also gets into the entertainment media, press releases, social media, and related topics.

[Exclusive] FBI File: Ezra Pound

Never before online, a portion of the FBI’s file on the inflammatory American poet Ezra Pound, whose diatribes on Italian Fascist radio during WWII got him charged with treason.

37 Deleted FBI Files

Over the years, the FBI has quietly deleted around three dozen files on its website. I’ve gathered them here.

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