Labor Secretary Acosta’s Detailed Calendar

April 28 to June 23, 2017 [PDF] You would think that the detailed daily calendars of Cabinet Secretaries would be one of the most public, easily available documents out there. But no. With rare exceptions, they’re released only due to FOIA requests, and sometimes not...

Kushner $$ Watch

Because of various restrictions, Jared Kushner’s financial disclosures aren’t officially posted online. But most of them can be requested, which is what I’m doing. This page will be updated if and when more become available. Initial financial disclosure (revised) [PDF] Certificates of divestiture [PDF] March 1,...

[exclusive] FBI Media Relations Guide

Released via my FOIA request, this is the FBI’s guide to dealing with the media. Its focus is the news media, although it also gets into the entertainment media, press releases, social media, and related topics.

Unposted Financial Disclosures for Trump Admin Officials/Nominees

Government officials and nominees have to file disclosures in which they reveal all their employers, income, assets (including stock), debts, spouse’s finances, and more. The Office of Government Ethics posts these financial disclosures for only the highest-paid officials. I’m requesting the disclosures of some...

[Exclusive] FBI File: Ezra Pound

Never before online, a portion of the FBI’s file on the inflammatory American poet Ezra Pound, whose diatribes on Italian Fascist radio during WWII got him charged with treason.

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