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Chemical Safety Board and Bureau of Land Management added to FOIA Land

• Occupational Safety & Health Admin added to FOIA Land

• Army intelligence and the Drug Czar added to FOIA Land

• Office of Government Ethics and Justice Dept’s Office of Information Policy added to FOIA Land

Director of National Intelligence added to FOIA Land

FBI File: Raymond Broshears, Founder of the Lavender Panthers

PDF: Raymond Broshears Raymond Broshears (1935-1982) was an activist and radical preacher in San Francisco beginning in the heyday of the Counterculture. He’s best known for founding the short-lived Lavender Panthers, a weapons-carrying group that used physical force to protect LGBTQ people from being...

CIA’s Studies in Intelligence: Tables of Contents, 1955-2012

PDF: CIA_Studies-in-Intel-TOCs The CIA’s in-house journal Studies in Intelligence has been published quarterly (along with some special issues) since 1955. Under the Freedom of Information Act, the legal firm National Security Counselors obtained a nearly complete set of tables of contents through 2012, and...

LAPD’s Federal Forfeiture Cut

PDF: LAPD Equitable Sharing Agreement and Certification FY2017 Like other local law enforcement departments that work with the feds, the Los Angeles Police Department gets a cut of the assets seized (“forfeited”) from 1) criminals, 2) suspects, and 3) everyone else. Under California’s Public Records...

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